Temporary Car Insurance – Top 3 Reasons

Temporary car insurance is insurance cover for periods of 1-28 days. In addition to protecting cars, you can purchase temporary motor insurance for vans and motorbikes as well. Temporary insurance can be bought over the Internet, without needing an insurance broker.

Here are the top 3 reasons to consider temporary car insurance.

1. Lending Or Borrowing A Car

Do not risk your annual insurance policy when lending your car out to friends. Should anything unfortunate like an accident happen, your insurance policy will likely be involved. This is especially true if your friend does not have insurance cover themselves.

Likewise, get temporary car cover if you will be borrowing someone else’s car for an extended duration. It’s the responsible thing to do!

Temporary Car Insurance2. Your Car Is In The Shop

Unfortunately, the courtesy car provided to you while your car is in for repairs does not come with free insurance. Purchase short term car insurance separately to save on the rates. You’ll likely get better coverage as well.

3. You Bought A Car But Still Shopping For Annual Cover

Strangely, many new car owners put off shopping for an annual insurance policy until the papers have been signed and they’re about to drive their new car home! Pick up temporary car insurance to buy you some time. And don’t skimp on the comprehensive coverage protecting against loss or damage from fire, theft and vandalism.

Temporary car insurance goes by different terms including short term car insurance and one day car insurance. Remember to get as many quotes as you can before making a decision. You could wind up saving a bundle!

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