Short Term Car Insurance

A short term car insurance policy is for you if you need car cover for a short period of time. Common situations include test driving or taking delivery of a new car, insuring friends and family so they can legally drive your car, and likewise, for you to drive someone else’ car. A short term car insurance policy will cover you for a period between 1 and 28 days.

Short Term Insurance Cover

How to get short term insurance:

1. Go to the websites of temporary or short term car insurance providers.
2. See if they offer quotes through online forms.
3. Complete and submit online quotes.
4. Copy your details to Notepad or Textedit for future online quote submissions
5. Rinse and repeat for other short term insurance providers. Apply for as many quotes as possible to ensure that you get the best rates.

The specific features of short term insurance policies are outlined below.

Car Accidents and Lost, Stolen or Damages Due To Fire/Theft/Vandalism

Your short term insurance policy will cover you if your car is stolen or damaged. This includes paying for the car repairs, replacing the car or reimbursing a sum equalivalent to the loss or damages. Note that these payments will be made to the legal owner of the vehicle. Most policies will cover up to a maximum of £40,000.

Replacing A New Car Under Short Term Car Insurance

Short term car insurance policies will pay out under new car replacement coverage if the cost of repairing or replacing your car exceeds 60% of the list price, inclusive of tax and VAT. This coverage is only applicable if the car is legally owned or under a hire-purchase agreement. Leases and other contract-hire agreements do not qualify.

Accident Recovery

Should you find yourself in a car accident involving your short term insured car, your insurer should cover the costs of the repairs and delivery of your car upon completion. Note that the insurer will likely require the repairs be carried out by a repair facility specifically approved by the insurer. An additional benefit of working with an insurer-approved facility is that the work will be guaranteed for typically three years.

Cover For Miscellaneous Legal Liabilities

Most providers of short term car insurance will cover legal liabilities up to £5,000,000. Example scenarios include death, injuries or property damage caused by an accident involving your insured car.

Get started today by getting a quote for short term car insurance from a reputable insurance companies or learn more about short term insurance.

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