Teen Drivers and Car Insurance Are a Match Made in Heaven – Really!

When your teenagers are learning how to drive, you might have a lot of different emotions running through your head. For starters, you’re going to be pretty worried about your car insurance rates going sky high, but is it really the case? Not always, actually. You see, today’s insurance companies are studying different models of risk management and realizing that one size truly does not fit all. This means that you actually have a lot more leeway to get a good rate than you did in the past. It all depends on your teen.

If you can line up a lot of safety factors on your side, you’ll find that teen drivers and car insurance is truly a match made in heaven. Let’s face it — you’re going to have to get the coverage one way or the other. Without covering your teenagers, they can’t drive. Getting caught without insurance means serious fines, and no one really wants to deal with that. It’s cheaper in the long run to go ahead and get a good policy that covers everything. Liability insurance and teenagers is something that you want to skip over unless the car is really, really old and you can replace it outright. If it’s a newer car then you’ll want to go ahead and get full coverage just to be on the safe side.

There are some discounts that do indeed come with getting a teen driver on your policy. For one if you have multiple cars because of the change, you can expect a discount there. In addition, if your teen is actually a safe driver with good grades, then you’re going to have discounts there. Don’t forget to document safety features, because those can become discount factors as well.

As you can see, nothing is in black and white just yet. You will have some negotiating room with the insurance company because they know that you really do need to get the vehicle insurance. If they don’t work with you, you’ll end up taking your business elsewhere. If you can help it, try to get all of your insurance products under one company — that’s going to save you money as well.

It can be tough to get past the old myth of being unable to afford insurance because you have a teen driver on your policy, but you actually might be surprised at how affordable vehicle insurance can be for your teenager — why not check it out today?