Top 4 Most Ridiculous Car Modifications

When placed on the right vehicle, many car modifications can look super cool and will turn heads wherever you go. If you overdo things however, or if you use the wrong vehicle as your base, then they will simply look ridiculous and attract attention for a host of unwanted reasons.

Here are four of the most ridiculous car modifications of all time:

The spoiler that’s just too big

If it’s subtle, then a spoiler can really enhance the look of your motor and as with all car modifications, if you do it properly and sensibly and place it on just the right car then it can look amazing.

The jury is also divided when it comes to the actual benefit of placing a spoiler onto a vehicle in the first place, but one host it is unlikely to influence is a four cylinder Honda. Not only will the performance be unchanged in these circumstances, your modification looks ridiculous and on this vehicle the only attention you’re likely to attract is from the police.

While driving along and wondering why this car was receiving such incredulous attention, the driver may also have had to watch out for any low bridges on his or her route.

Knowing which car to lift

Lift kits are also popular and once again, if you choose to place them on just the right vehicle, they can look amazing. With a higher chassis and taller wheels you can draw admiring glances and even if you’re not aiming to do this on a road car, you can easily race or just show your pick up or sports vehicle at a major show.

However appealing lift kits can be however, they simply don’t work on every day, A to B vehicles so don’t be tempted to follow the lead shown by this owner!

To lower or not to lower

If you’re not going to lift your vehicle then the other option is to lower it closer to the ground and this is another relatively straightforward option that can return great results when done correctly.

Strangely enough, although lifting a pick up could make it look fabulous, lowering it to the floor has quite the opposite effect which is perfectly illustrated by this example. Once again, the only attention that this vehicle is likely to get is the unwanted kind so before you make those alterations, remember just how important it is to choose the right model as a base.

Accessories you should avoid

A simple accessory can be fun and it can also improve the look of a car but your purchase should be made with great care. The last thing any motorist wants is to be laughed at but by placing a giant pair of rubber testicles at the back of a car you can be certain of ensuring just that.

Quite what the motorist is trying to say is unclear but the only message this conveys is that the car is compensating for the driver’s lack of adequate manhood.

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