One Day Car Insurance for Under 21

Although there are many insurance providers in the UK that offer short term car insurance, drivers looking specifically for one day car insurance for under 21 year olds have very limited options.

Unfortunately, most drivers under the age of 21 do not qualify for car insurance underwriting. Car insurance companies consider many different risk factors before approving a policy and in the case of under 21 year old drivers, one day car insurance is currently not a feasible product in the marketplace.

One Day Car Insurance for Under 21This is could change however as insurance laws and underwriting rules frequently change. It is very possible that as one day car insurance for 21 year olds has since become available after time of writing. Our best advice is to continue your search and apply for online quotes with as many insurers as possible. This ensures that your chances of finding car cover.

If you do happen to find an insurer that offers short term car insurance to young drivers, we’d be happy to hear from you and we’ll update this page to help other under 21 year old drivers in the UK.