Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance can be quite expensive and there are not as many companies offering it as with car insurance. This means that the prices are not so competitive and therefore using a price comparison website may not bring the price down as much. However, it is still worth doing.

There are other ways that you can save money as well. Firstly think about what features you need from your cover. Your policy may give you cover, such as European breakdown insurance, that you will never need and therefore it will be worth looking for one without this so that you can save money.

It is worth keeping your bike in a garage or inside. The problem with motorbikes is that they are very easy to steal – some can even be picked up and carried away. Some insurance companies will not even insure them if they are not kept in a garage overnight and so this something worth doing if possible.

Advanced training can also lower your insurance cost considerably. It is worth considering doing this as soon as you can because it can save you £50-100 a year on your premium. Over 2-3 years it will have paid for itself.

It could be worth paying your premium annually in stead of monthly. This is because often companies charge less if you pay in one lump sum. It can be hard finding the money to do this all in one go, but it could save a lot of money. Get some quotes and work it out for yourself. If you do have enough to pay a lump sum then you may consider doing so. It is also worth remembering that if you are paying monthly and write off the bike after 3 months you will have to continue paying for the rest of the year as the policy covers a year.

So it is worth considering trying a few methods to lower the cost of your insurance so that you can save money. It could be worth talking to a broker as they will know the best things to do in order to save.