Insurance Young Drivers

Insurance for young drivers can be costly. Until you reach the age of 25 then it is likely that you will have to pay a bigger premium. This is because, statistically, younger drivers have more accidents. This is unfair for those young drivers who are very safe, but it is something which cannot be avoided. However, there are some ways of lowering the premium a little bit.

It may be worth being the second named driver on a policy belonging to an older driver, this could be a parent or spouse. Although this means that you will not get a chance to build up your own no claims bonus, it could save a lot of money. It may just be worth waiting until you are 25 to build up the no claims as it could be cheaper to do it this way. A few simple calculations could help to work out whether this is a good idea.

Try looking for insurance companies that specialize in younger drivers as these may have more competitive rates. Also compare the costs of several companies as you may find quite big differences between them.

If you can find a cash back site and/or one with discount voucher codes then you may be able to save some money that way as well.

Unfortunately, however hard you try, it is likely that you will not be able to save masses of money. The only way to start saving is to reach the age of 25. However, make sure that you keep driving carefully and hopefully your premium will fall slightly year on year and then when you do reach 25 you should start to be able to save a lot more money. It is also worth noting that if you make a claim, even if it is for damage not caused by you, it is likely your premium may go up. So try to avoid claiming unless you absolutely have to.

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