A View on the Cost of Van Insurance Policy for Top Selling Vans

A View on the Cost of Van Insurance Policy for Top Selling VansVV Routan, Nissan Quest, Dodge Grand Caravan are few of the many vans that are topping the van charts today. Since it has become necessary to get van insurance for all the vans that we use, insurers have made it comfortable for us by offering insurance for all kind of vans.

Keeping up with the trend and looking into the top ten selling vans of 2012, we find vans of Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Volkswagen. The cost of these vans would be similar, so will the manufacturing details of it, excepting one or two, and that one or two details is what sets the van apart from the other. But most of this will not matter while obtaining a Compare Van Insurance policy, and so the cost of van insurance policy for these vans would be the same.

A view on the cost of van insurance policy for top selling vans:

The first thing to be done is to decide which risks need to be covered. There is third party only, third party fire and theft, comprehensive van insurance policy; where third party will cover only the property, vehicle and the third party from any injury or damage, third party fire and theft is an extended cover of third party only and comprehensive policy will cover both the insured and third party.

Van insurance UK is also got based on the driver who will be listed while getting Cheap Van Insurance quotes. So if you are a young driver or a convicted driver, opt for van insurance for young driver or convicted driver van insurance.

Say a person is trying to insure Volkswagen Polo with 1.2 l engine capacity that is a petrol run van, manufactured recently parked in private drive and used for carriage of own goods. It is a 7 seater giving an annual mileage of 15000 miles. You’ve got NCB entitlement of 9 on a private car that is to be protected.

The best van insurance quote is Ł560.22 per year by Allianz Clear for a comprehensive van insurance policy. A compulsory excess of Ł150 is to be taken. If any voluntary excess is taken by the insured, the premium will be reduced.

The general terms and conditions that the insurers have information given by insurancevan.co.uk are that the age of the driver should be within 21 to 76 and should be a permanent resident of UK.

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