In Need of One Day Car Insurance?

What is one day car insurance, and who is it for?

A common scenario in the UK that calls for temporary insurance is when shopping for a new car. For instance, you’re going to be test driving a car but aren’t sure if you want to purchase it yet. For the day that you are test driving the car, you would want it insured, but you certainly don’t want to have to go through the process of getting more permanent car insurance for that coverage.

How do you find the absolute cheapest one day car insurance?

It’s simple really. Get as many quotes as possible. How? Fill out and submit as many online insurance quotes forms as you can get your cursor on. You should get quotes back instantly or within a day. Best rate wins.

You’ll also want to ensure that you’re comparing apples to apples: ensure that the policies from different insurers and providers offer the same coverage and deductibles. The slightly more expensive short term insurance policy might be the way to go if it has less restrictions and greater coverage.

short term car insurance

What are some other circumstances under which one day car insurance is the perfect solution for your coverage needs?

Well, imagine if you are borrowing a friend’s car for one day while yours is in the shop, or if you don’t have a car but have your driver license and need to do some chores or errands that require the use of a car, such as moving into a new home. Perhaps you are going to be driving a car that is being imported to you from outside the UK and you need to have it insured very quickly before the process of more permanent car insurance gets completed. Perhaps you have just bought a new car but your permanent car insurance won’t kick in in time for you to drive it off the lot that same day. You might even be preparing for a car race and you need to insure your racing vehicle just for the day of the race. Short term car insurance policies are great options for these scenarios.

One day car insurance will be underwritten on you in merely a matter of minutes once you have been approved. The application process moves very quickly. Once you have your coverage approval, can simply have the coverage certificate e-mailed to you for you to print out. UK car insurance providers who specialise in providing short term car insurance know that they must get you covered within an hour or less from the time you submit your application. They will simply tell you what the one-day premium charge will be, charge your debit or credit card, and issue the insurance. They won’t be getting back to you with various options or quotes. They have the necessary infrastructure all set up to provide you with this special car insurance coverage.

In addition to one day car insurance, you can also get other types of specialised short term car insurance coverage. There are rolling, pay as you go car insurance policies that can remain in force anywhere from a weekend to 32 weeks. These types of policies can be a blessing to you if you want to protect your main policy’s No-Claims Discount or maintain your main policy’s low premiums while you temporarily cover other drivers on a short term basis, such as if you have young adult children who will be regularly borrowing your car while they save up the pounds to buy their own. Also, if you’re going to be doing moving using a truck or a moving van rather than your sedan or sports car, you’ll want temporary coverage on that vehicle but, once again, you may not desire to risk your No-Claims Discount or your current level of premiums on your main car insurance policy.

Typically it’s more economical to purchase one day or other temporary car insurance with a specialist insurance provider than it is to attempt to arrange this insurance with your current provider, and of course we have just mentioned the added benefit of protecting your No-Claims Discount Bonus and existing premium. Just make sure that when applying online you scrutinize the details and small print of any policy that you are pondering before you buy. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional advice if you need it to learn more about one day car insurance policies.

Car Insurance for modified vehicles

What is a Modified Vehicle?

So you have got a transmission / engine overhaul, fitted a new exhaust system, air filter, fitted new body kits and got a paint job done on your car? In short, you have modified the car making it look classier than before…

Does a standard car insurance policy cover your modified vehicle?

A standard car insurance policy is not going to treat your modified vehicle as being worth anymore than a standard car. It is imperative that you tell your insurer if your car has been modified, if you do not, then your insurance may become invalid…

Is getting car insurance for modified vehicles difficult?

Car Insurance for modified vehicle is difficult to source or arrange as standard car insurance, as it depends on the nature of modifications done to the car… However, there are many car insurance companies in UK offering modified car insurance policies.

modified vehiclesFactors defining car insurance for modified vehicles

Car Insurance for modified vehicles depends on various factors such as your previous car insurance cover, car insurance group, the type of car insurance cover you require, age, your residential area and the kind of modification or alterations done to your car… The process is quite complicated though the basics are easy to understand.

Determing the base rate & loadings

The insurance company will determine the base rate and loadings reckoning on the modifications done and the type of car owned… for e.g. cheaper car will attract less loading value, unlike costlier car… Once the loading is calculated, it is converted into pounds… The premium amount will depend upon the loading. Sometimes certain modifications will incur an increased excess in event of claim, leading to additions in the premium amount. The degree of classification of car modifications, their associated rating implications varies from company to company.

Hunt till you are happy

Take quotes from different companies; they have different methods of calculating the loading figures. Inquire with friends, family who are availing modified car insurance policy, as you might get the best deal.

What is Car Insurance Broker?

A Car Insurance Broker responsibility is to seek his customer’s requirements, evaluate them, and match them to the most reasonable and suitable insurance cover. A Car Insurance Broker can be an independent individual or tied to an individual insurance company or car insurance provider. However, majority of brokers will be an independent broker, as they will simply be acting on behalf of the customers and only in their best interests. Some brokers are multi-tied, as they can introduce products to you from range of insurance providers.

Car Insurance Broker & Insurance Company

The difference between a car insurance broker and an insurance company is that the car insurance broker will have as many best car insurance products to offer for each of their customers, whilst an insurance company has only their own range of products to offer. Through a car insurance broker, you can choose cheapest and best insurance products.

Car Insurance Broker
Some people have wrong perception in mind that car insurance brokers sell car insurance to you themselves, instead they identify the car insurance that matches the needs of customer, is reasonably priced and then they buy the insurance on the customer’s behalf.

Good Car Insurance Broker

A car insurance broker has to be regulated by statute and registered, by way of which they are entitled to use the designation of “Broker”, else they are a “consultant” if not registered and regulated by statute.

A good independent car insurance broker will know all about the different products on the market and find the right one for you at the right price.

PPI Claims Process

The first step of filing a PPI claim is to piece together information that will constitute your claim. You need to pinpoint why you think you were mis-sold a PPI policy. You can claim that you were mis-sold a policy if the agent in-charge persuaded you to buy a policy to increase your chances of getting a loan or a credit card application approved. Some agents even go as far as telling their customers that a loan or credit card application can only be processed if it comes with a PPI policy.

A person who has been mis-sold a policy is usually never informed of the restrictions that come with PPI. A person who is retired, self-employed, or unemployed cannot be covered by a PPI policy. Only employed people can claim their PPI policies because insurers need proof that the policy holder can pay for the premiums. Retired, self-employed, and unemployed people can buy policies but they cannot take them out.

The same is true for people with a pre-existing medical condition. Some agents make the mistake of not asking you about any pre-existing medical conditions but insurers will not pay out for the PPI policy the policy holder did not declare any pre-existing medical condition.

Finally, some victims of mis-sold PPI policies simply did not know that they were already paying for them. Unscrupulous agents employ various methods of selling PPI policies by omitting details or making it sound like PPI is really necessary. Some agents dont even mention PPI at all. They just include the PPI premiums in the bill.

Once you’ve cited the reasons for your PPI claims, you need to gather evidence for it. Your claims company or your lawyer may ask you to fill up some forms. You also need to prove that the agreement for the loan or credit card was created in such a way that it was impossible to obtain it without getting a PPI policy. If you can, obtain a record of the interview so you can prove that you weren’t fully informed of the requirements (e.g. no pre-existing medical conditions, full employment needed, etc.).

Once you send your complaint to the bank or lender, your claim will either be accepted or contested. Many of them also put up a good fight. If you’re lucky, your PPI claims will take about 2 to 4 months to settle. If there are complicated circumstances surrounding your claims, it will take up to 9 months to reach a settlement for your PPI policy claims.

Deciding Whether to Have Single or Joint Car Insurance Cover

There are companies that will give discounts if you have multiple family members on the same insurance policy. This can be a good or bad thing and can be worth checking out.

Often couples will have a joint car insurance policy, especially if they both drive the same vehicle. This can help to save money and sometimes the value of the policy does not change if an extra person is added on. This is usually the case if that person has no history of accidents or insurance claims.

It is possible to even add children on to your car insurance. This is bound to make it more expensive as young drivers are a big risk. However, it could be cheaper to do this than for them to have their own individual policies.

Joint Car Insurance Cover
So the price can be a big factor in deciding whether to have single or joint car insurance cover, but you do need to be wary. If one of the parties has an accident and makes a claim, then this will make the insurance more expensive for everyone. It may even mean that if one of the parties moves to a single insurance it could affect their no claims bonus, even if it was not them who had the accident.

No claims could also be an issue if only the main driver gets to build up theirs. The additional drivers may not be able to build up their own individual no claims bonus and so they may have to start fresh when they get their own individual policies.

If the family has several cars, then it may have different effects than if they are all driving the same vehicle and so it is worth considering this. You will need a policy for each car but deciding whether to have all family members insured for each car or just for one car can be tricky. They may be able to drive any car with their cover anyway, it just depends on the terms.

It can be quite a complicated matter and it is worth looking in to all the advantages and disadvantages before you make a decision. All involved parties should be involved in the decision and made aware of the consequences of this type of policy compared to a single one. It may save a lot of money, but could complicate matters if a claim is made or when a person wants to have their own single policy with regards to a no claims bonus.

Planning a journey with kids

Planning a journey with kids can be a stressful prospect, from dealing with the boredom of a long flight, to the constraints of trying to keep little ones quiet so that others don’t get annoyed. Don’t forget to get the whole family insured for your own peace of mind and it doesn’t have to be costly. No matter where you’re trying to get to, or how exotic your destination, with a little bit of forward planning you can make sure that the trip is enjoyable for everyone from the people around you to the kids themselves. Here’s a few tips on how to do it:

Make the travelling part fun

If you can make the travelling fun then this will immediately engage little ones’ attention and make them think they are playing a great game with you, rather than doing something that is out of their normal routine and maybe a bit unnerving. Whether this means buying some fun individual luggage for kids who are old enough to pack and pull their own cases, or offering them the chance to wear something new or special – a favourite fancy dress outfit, pajamas or a brand new jumper – it will bring an element of novelty that will keep them distracted.

journey with kidsIt’s all in the preparation

Be prepared, especially if this is your first time travelling with little ones, as it can be quite an unsettling experience. Make sure you pack enough of all the essentials, from nappies and baby wipes (or hand sanitiser) to spare T-shirts, diaper bags and dummies. It’s a good idea to have these easily accessible during a journey – pack them into one bag if possible and store them in an organised way (rather than shoved in all together) so that as soon as you hear the first cry you know exactly what to reach for. It may sound obvious but don’t forget the toys! Distraction is key when travelling with kids and taking toys is one of the easiest way to do this.

Make use of distractions

Make use of any distractions available to you, whether that’s the countryside whizzing past the windows of the train, or the in-flight entertainment on a transatlantic flight. On a plane, the TVs in the back of the seats or overhead can be a godsend. Even if your kids won’t keep the headphones in they will still be distracted by the images enough to keep them quiet. If you don’t normally allow the kids to watch TV then this is a great time to relax the rules a little. They will be so excited that they’re unlikely to make a fuss the entire trip as long as the screens are on.

Don’t forget the food

There’s nothing worse than a grizzling, hungry child when you’re trapped in an environment when it’s difficult to get hold of their favourite snacks. Even if you’re travelling on a plane where you’re going to be fed, the food won’t necessarily be served at the right times and it might not be what your kid wants to eat. Take some snacks with you instead – avoid the high sugar treats with lots of E numbers if you’re going to be in a confined space – as well as some juice cartons and plenty of water.

With these few tips you’ll find that travelling with kids doesn’t have to be half the nightmare you might have thought it was likely to be. You might even find it fun!

Stay Focused On Your Mission To Fight PPI

When you first read about the big PPI scandal, chances are good that you’re going to be fired up. You’re going to want to bring those lenders to their knees. You’re going to be upset for not just yourself, but for everyone that was scammed in this scandal. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s easy to get distracted. The steps to claiming back PPI might be more than what you really want to do on your own. This means that it’s time to bring in other people that can go to work for you.

A good PPI claims company will not only just look into fighting for the PPI that you know about — they’re going to see about fighting for the PPI loans that you might have skipped over. The PPI scandal covers a 10 year period across the board, you could be holding onto a lot more PPI than you think. You just need to make sure that you take massive action right away. Giving up is something the lenders expect you to do — they will just absorb your fair share back into the victims compensation fund that’s been set up already. This means that your fair share, your heard earned money is just going to be absorbed back into a pool. That means someone else will be able to claim that money. Who wants to really deal with that if they don’t have to?

Fight PPIYou need to make sure that you’re always thinking about the bigger picture. There’s nothing “weak” about getting someone to help you. PPI is actually a pretty complicated matter. You can’t just plunge in and hope that everything is going to be okay. Remember that this is your money at stake — shouldn’t you use the best resources in order to really get your money back? We think it’s high time that people stopped trying to do all things on their own and they started to actually look into getting things done with a good legal team on your side.

There’s nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. There is no upfront payment. It’s done on a no win no fee basis, which is just what the name sounds like. If there’s no win, there’s really no fee at all. This is something the companies are willing to take a chance on. Will you roll the dice with them? After all, it’s safe to say that the dice are weighted in your favor!

A Breakdown of Prepaid Card’s Key Benefits

Prepaid Visa cards are a breath of fresh air to those suffering from huge drawbacks of credit cards, and credit card debt. Their convenience, ease of access, guaranteed approval and myriad of other benefits make them ideal replacement for credit cards. This article will list some of the key advantages of prepaid cards.

1. Everyone Should Have a Prepaid Card

A prepaid card is provided on the basis of the money you deposit into the prepaid card account. So literally everyone, even those with bad credit or no credit are eligible. There are no credit history checks, no employment verification and approval is almost guaranteed.

2. Ease of Access

Prepaid cards can be applied for online and approved instantly. And in certain cases, if sufficient deposits are made, there may even be a chance to waive your card’s monthly, annual and other fees. Since prepaid cards use the deposited money, there are no repayments to be made and hence no late payment fees, no interest to worry about along with other associated penalties. Continue reading “A Breakdown of Prepaid Card’s Key Benefits”

So You Hit a Car – Now What?

No driver wants to realize that they’ve hit another vehicle. A collision can be costly, even more costly if you don’t have enough insurance coverage. While many drivers add underinsured motorist coverage to their insurance policies, they’re still going to want to see what your insurance company is going to do before their policy will do anything. That’s the name of the game here.

There are a few things that you will definitely want to do if you hit another car, or if another car hits you.

First and foremost, you do not want to run off — even if you think that no one has seen you hit the other vehicle. This is often the case when drivers hit a car that is parked and they try to drive off. You’re a lot better off admitting that you hit the car and taking whatever comes than running off. For starters, getting caught means that you just committed a hit and run. That can carry stiff fines and penalties, plus it’s a black mark on your insurance file. Once you do it, it definitely sends your insurance premiums sky high. It’s a lot smarter in the long run to actually just admit to the problem. And really, if it’s only a small bump, you’d be surprised at how many times the other driver will just wave you off. They know what it’s like to scrape a door or hit a bumper slightly. Minor damage isn’t really worth the insurance claim.

So the next part here is that you want to leave as much information as you need. Your name, phone number, and policy number as well as insurance carrier is a good start. If there needs to be a police report filed, see that it is indeed filed. This is another thing that you don’t want to skip over. If it’s a major accident, there needs to be a police report. This is one of the first things that the insurance company is going to ask you about, so you need to make sure that you have it.

Another thing that you will need to make sure that you don’t do is admit fault. You will not know whether or not that you’re at fault. Even when it seems like you’re at fault, you might not be. However, if you admit fault then naturally you’re going to take the fall for it. Let the police and the insurance companies make that designation. This mistake has cost drivers a lot of money over the years, so we’re especially cautious about it.

Keep in mind that if you only purchased liability insurance, then you’re going to basically be paying for someone else’s car, but not yours. The only way to actually cover your own car in case of an accident is to get what most people refer to as full coverage. This will be a combination of what you get with liability, but also adding in comprehensive as well as collision coverage. That’s the best way to go if you really want to make sure that you’re taken care of from every angle.

Hitting a car is something that just about every driver has done. It’s costly for all parties involved. That’s why if you can drive defensively and avoid it, you’re going to have much better insurance rates than someone that has been in several accidents. It’s all about risk management after all.

Can you really avoid accidents? Sometimes you can’t. All you can do is just do your best to avoid them by staying alert, staying aware, and staying prepared. Maintaining your car properly and ensuring that everything is working properly is a great way to also keep accidents from happening.

Now is the perfect time to put these defensive driver tips into action, to cut your chances of getting into a costly and dangerous accident!

Be Wary – The Cash for Crash Scam is Making a Comeback!

Every driver tries to be as responsible as possible on the road. You don’t want to go through hitting someone, because that’s just going to cause a lot of hurt feelings, high insurance premiums, and delays to your natural schedule. These days, we have a lot more on our plates, which means that there’ always something to do and something to think about. You really don’t want to find yourself in a position where you don’t have enough information.

One scam that you need to know about right now is the cash for crash scam, where unscrupulous drivers will let someone lightly hit them, and then go out claiming that they were badly injured. Whiplash is real, and it’s something that causes a lot of pain to the body. However all you really have is the sufferer’s word.

The worst part? Insurance companies are near powerless to do anything to fight back. They end up settling out of the courtroom, as the high cost of court fees make it impossible to avoid losing money on these claims.

The underlying problem is even worse than first thought. There are many bad doctors that even supply medical proof of this whiplash in return for a fee. It’s a bad form of fraud, and you need to make sure that you’re prepared to fight it.

When you are in an accident, make sure that you never get out and admit default to anything. That’s to for you to decide, anyway. You need to make sure that you try to get as much information as possible documented in a police report. Be willing to hand over your insurance details immediately. Follow up with the insurance company.

If your insurance company is going to raise your rate over something like this, then you definitely want to at least compare and contrast insurance quotes. Look beyond just price though — you might be able to get a new policy that has some different features designed to offer more protection.

And at the end of the day, that’s all insurance really is — protection against the unknown. We don’t know when we’re going to get into an accident, and we certainly don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s still better to have coverage than not have coverage. Take care and good luck!