Why Proper Tyre Maintenance is Important

When consumers think of tyres, if they think of them at all, they likely think about proper tyre inflation. As important as proper inflation is–underinflated tyres increase rolling resistance and decrease fuel economy, while both overinflated and underinflated tyres cause uneven tyre wear–it is not the only thing consumers need to think of when it comes to the rubber that’s touching the road.

Tyre Life

The average life of a set of tyres varies based on driving conditions, driving style, brand, tyre composition, and proper maintenance, but the average life span is probably 20,000 miles for most sets. A shorter life span may be the norm for tyres on sports cars, because they may use a softer composition that allows for better handling but causes the rubber to wear faster.

Tyre wear isn’t the only thing that defines a tyres life span. Even tyres that haven’t worn out yet may need to be replaced, due to a condition called “dry rot.” Dry rot occurs as sunlight causes the rubber on the sidewalls to crack over time. If dry rot has gotten bad enough, the tyre will need to be replaced.

Sidewalls can also experience “air bubbles,” usually after the tyre has hit something, such as a curb. When this occurs, the tyre usually needs to be replaced. You can buy quality tyres for affordable prices online via tyres-guru.co.uk. Continue reading “Why Proper Tyre Maintenance is Important”

A Breakdown of Prepaid Card’s Key Benefits

Prepaid Visa cards are a breath of fresh air to those suffering from huge drawbacks of credit cards, and credit card debt. Their convenience, ease of access, guaranteed approval and myriad of other benefits make them ideal replacement for credit cards. This article will list some of the key advantages of prepaid cards.

1. Everyone Should Have a Prepaid Card

A prepaid card is provided on the basis of the money you deposit into the prepaid card account. So literally everyone, even those with bad credit or no credit are eligible. There are no credit history checks, no employment verification and approval is almost guaranteed.

2. Ease of Access

Prepaid cards can be applied for online and approved instantly. And in certain cases, if sufficient deposits are made, there may even be a chance to waive your card’s monthly, annual and other fees. Since prepaid cards use the deposited money, there are no repayments to be made and hence no late payment fees, no interest to worry about along with other associated penalties. Continue reading “A Breakdown of Prepaid Card’s Key Benefits”

Top 4 Most Ridiculous Car Modifications

When placed on the right vehicle, many car modifications can look super cool and will turn heads wherever you go. If you overdo things however, or if you use the wrong vehicle as your base, then they will simply look ridiculous and attract attention for a host of unwanted reasons.

Here are four of the most ridiculous car modifications of all time:

The spoiler that’s just too big

If it’s subtle, then a spoiler can really enhance the look of your motor and as with all car modifications, if you do it properly and sensibly and place it on just the right car then it can look amazing.

The jury is also divided when it comes to the actual benefit of placing a spoiler onto a vehicle in the first place, but one host it is unlikely to influence is a four cylinder Honda. Not only will the performance be unchanged in these circumstances, your modification looks ridiculous and on this vehicle the only attention you’re likely to attract is from the police.

While driving along and wondering why this car was receiving such incredulous attention, the driver may also have had to watch out for any low bridges on his or her route.

Knowing which car to lift

Lift kits are also popular and once again, if you choose to place them on just the right vehicle, they can look amazing. With a higher chassis and taller wheels you can draw admiring glances and even if you’re not aiming to do this on a road car, you can easily race or just show your pick up or sports vehicle at a major show.

However appealing lift kits can be however, they simply don’t work on every day, A to B vehicles so don’t be tempted to follow the lead shown by this owner!

To lower or not to lower

If you’re not going to lift your vehicle then the other option is to lower it closer to the ground and this is another relatively straightforward option that can return great results when done correctly.

Strangely enough, although lifting a pick up could make it look fabulous, lowering it to the floor has quite the opposite effect which is perfectly illustrated by this example. Once again, the only attention that this vehicle is likely to get is the unwanted kind so before you make those alterations, remember just how important it is to choose the right model as a base.

Accessories you should avoid

A simple accessory can be fun and it can also improve the look of a car but your purchase should be made with great care. The last thing any motorist wants is to be laughed at but by placing a giant pair of rubber testicles at the back of a car you can be certain of ensuring just that.

Quite what the motorist is trying to say is unclear but the only message this conveys is that the car is compensating for the driver’s lack of adequate manhood.

This post was written on behalf of Fincar, click here for any car financing related topics.

The Trust Deed System Can Carry You Out of Debt in All Seasons

Is there a perfect season to get out of debt? Some people think about their finances during the first part of the year, shortly after New Year’s Day. The thrill of working on a resolution usually fades away after you realize what’s involved with the rest of it. If you can focus on the road ahead of you consistently, you can get out of debt. But it isn’t the end of the world if you need help.

The trust deed process outlined over at trustdeedscotland.uk.com is a great way to get the ball rolling on the right track. Instead of living in fear of your finances and what each day will bring, you can actually get your life back together and continue following your dreams. The more that you can work on tying everything together, the less problems you will have in the long run. It’s just a matter of making sure that you really do look at all of your options and handle them accordingly. Unfortunately, when you’ve lived under the stress of financial burdens for a long time, you often feel like it’s impossible to move forward.

If it helps, you can see the trust deed process is something you do with the help of someone else. Your trustee is there to help you with anything and everything that you might need. You don’t have to feel embarrassed that you’re reaching out for help. It’s better to get assistance and eventually get out of debt than to find that years later, you’re not only handling everything alone, but there’s no real end in sight. You don’t want to find that you’re struggling to handle debts, because that will eventually just wear down your spirit.

Be aware that many people have been in your shoes, stuck at a crossroads. They stayed up late at night, hoping that something would change within their finances. They wondered how to tie everything together. They didn’t always have the answer right at the beginning, and there were times they were afraid. However, they pushed forward even when it was a scary time — and they emerged victorious in the long run.

The secret that you need to know right here, right now, is that it doesn’t have to be a secret at all! You can break out of the chains of debt and frustration and embrace a world beyond your imagination.

Save Money Whilst Driving

Petrol prices continue to rise and the cost of motoring is a major part of most people’s budget. In times such as these, it is even more important to pay attention to our driving habits, because there are many ways in which we can fight back. Here are some of the methods used by drivers that can have a significant impact on the amount of fuel you use in your day-to-day journeys.

Before you start

Money saving habits can start before you even get into the car and regular maintenance routines can help you to use less fuel. A good area to begin with is the tyres and making sure that they are inflated to the recommended levels at all times. Not only is this an important safety feature, but this action will also save you money on petrol and diesel costs, so check the correct level in your handbook and act accordingly. It is widely recommended that you check the tyre pressures once a week at the very least.

Reducing weight in the car also helps, so make sure that any excess and unnecessary luggage is taken out before you set off. Even litter can affect the performance, so take it out and keep your vehicle clean at all times.

On the road

Maintaining your speed is another habit that has a dual function in keeping you safe whilst reducing your fuel costs and some of the savings in financial terms will surprise you. On the motorway, for example, if you drive at 80 miles per hour rather than at the national speed limit of 70mph, you will use up to 25% more fuel whilst you do so and you only need to check your monthly fuel bills to find out just how much that extra 25% is costing you.

Gentle, rather than sudden acceleration is also recommended and it is also advisable to avoid ‘idling’. Traffic jams may be unavoidable, but running your engine whilst stationary can use up to a litre of fuel every sixty minutes. It is far better to switch off your engine and then turn it back on again once the traffic starts to move.

You should also look to top up your car before you start to run low on fuel. Many of us wait for that warning light to come on and then leave it as late as possible to fill up, but any car will use more petrol or diesel when it is running low.

All of these recommendations are good driving habits that will keep costs down. Follow these tips now and you will find that you visit the pumps less frequently.

Compare Prices

Even if you are a driver with moderate monthly mileage, it will pay to buy your petrol from the cheapest outlet and a little research on the internet will allow you to compare prices in your area.

Naturally, it makes no sense to drive for several miles just to save one or two pence a litre, but if you know where the cheaper outlets are in your town, it will help. Overall, there are many ways to fight back in the war against rising fuel prices, so keep them in mind at all times and you’ll notice the savings almost immediately.

Post provided by Tony, writing for SO Switch. If you’re looking to reduce the cost of running a car, compare car insurance at SO Switch.

Why Do Banks Prefer Secured Loans?

A secured loan represents a much lower risk for a bank when lending to borrowers. Secured loans essentially come down to whether you can lower the risk of taking a loan out for a bank by using an asset as something that can be sold by you, or repossessed and sold by the bank as a way of ensuring that the original loan, and any interest is repaid. It’s worth looking in more detail at why banks prefer secured loans, the types of secured loans available, and how you can get a secured loan in spite of a poor credit history.

1 – The Risks

Any type of loan for a bank represents a risk that has to be mitigated, either through the use of high interest charges, or through the use of collateral by the borrower to lower that risk. An asset such as a house is ideal for a bank, as it shows that a borrower is serious about repayments, and willing to offer up something of high value to cover the loan in the case of a failure to make payments.

In this context, a bank is often willing to provide much lower interest rates and longer term repayment schedules for secured loans, as the general level of risk is greatly reduced. By comparison, an unsecured personal loan made without assets carries more risks, and requires a bank to use interest rates, late penalties, and legal action to ensure that repayments are made.

2 – Types of Secured Loan

There are four basic types of secured loan that are offered by a bank: a mortgage loan, whereby property is used as the key asset for the loan; a nonrecourse loan, whereby the bank only agree to pursue repayment up to the value of the property. A foreclosure loan is specific to the recovery of a house for repayment of a loan, while a repossession loan is where any type of property, whether a house or jewellery or car, acts as the collateral. In all of these cases, the borrower agrees that their asset will act as the security for the bank or lending agency, and demonstrates that they understand the risks involved in doing so.

3 – How to Get a Secured Loan Without Assets and a Poor Credit History

Many people struggle to get a secured loan because they don’t have significant assets, or have a poor credit rating that makes it difficult for them to receive approval for a mortgage loan. In this case, they may have to resort to unsecured personal loans at high interest rates, and with shorter contracts and more fees. A borrower can, however, apply for a secured loan through the use of a guarantor.

A guarantor loan involves a third party, typically a parent, sibling or other family member, acting as the security for the loan. The guarantor is ideally a property owner that can agree to repay the loan, using their property as an assurance. Banks can then lower the risk on giving out a loan to a borrower with poor credit, and lower interest rates can be achieved. The borrower’s own credit rating can be improved over time, raising their capability to take on further secured loans against an asset.

Written on behalf of GBP Loans Ltd, UK based provider of both guarantor and secured loans. Contact GBP Loans or apply online for a quick approval with same day payout!