Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance can be more expensive than regular insurance. This is probably to do with the fact that classic cars are likely to be more expensive to repair due to the cost of parts and possibly the cost of a classic car expert to fix it. They are also likely to break down more because they are older and so premiums are dearer. There are also less companies offering classic car insurance and this lack of competition will keep prices high.

Some general insurance companies will offer classic car cover but there are also specialists. They may not offer such a good price but they could have better customer service and more of an understanding of the particular problems experienced by a classic car driver.

Sometimes policies will not fully insure a classic car in that they will not pay you what you consider to be the full value when the car is written off. It is worth considering this when you are deciding who to take your cover out with.

Some classic car insurers will offer discounts if you are members of particular classic car clubs and so it is worth looking out for those discounted deals because you could end up saving quite a bit of money.

Make sure that you check what is included in your cover. There may be things like European cover, that you may not be using. If this is the case, talk to the company and ask them if they can remove this clause and whether it will help you to save some money. It is always worth asking as they might say no but they could give you a better deal and you could save some money.

So before you just renew your normal insurance policy, take a look at it. See if you can get some cheaper quotes. If you want to stay with the current insurer see if they can lower the price or change the policy a bot to lower it. Show them the other quotes you had if they were cheaper and see whether they can offer you an sort of a discount.