3 Nononsense Car Insurance

The economy is not faring well at present, and unfortunately, this means that we are all struggling to meet the costs of everyday living.  One area with which many of us are struggling is car insurance.  Insurance premiums seem to be increasing at an alarming rate.  In fact, the number of people driving without insurance has risen significantly in recent years.  It is ill advisable to drive without insurance, the better option is to find the most competitive policy and purchase that one.  Here, we look at ways of reducing the cost of your car insurance premiums.

Monthly Instalments

Paying your insurance premiums over several months, rather than paying as a lump sum, although being more expensive overall, can be a more manageable of meeting your insurance payments. The difference in price is down to interest charges on borrowed money, for a policy of £500, you can expect to pay, on average, an extra £35-£60 a year, but it can be much easier to find the money to pay for your insurance policy.

Visit Several Insurance Companies

In Northern Ireland, you can make use of one of the price comparison websites to search the insurance market and find the best policy for your needs.  However, no such comparison websites exist in the ROI, which means that drivers must search the market manually.  This can be time consuming, but is certainly worth a try as you may find some very good deals online.  In fact, the internet is by far the best place to search for car insurance as the online market is a lot more competitive than the real world, and this in turn drives down prices.

Choose an Insurance Company that allows you to Personalise your Policy

Most insurance companies offer standard policies featuring a variety of different add-ons (e.g. breakdown cover, windscreen cover, legal cover, etc.), but do not allow you to select or de-select their add-ons depending on your needs.  This means that many people end up paying too much for their car insurance, for features, they do not need, or that they have a policy that does not provide them with the cover they want.  Other companies, such as Nononsense car insurance, allow their customers to personalise their add-ons, making their policies a lot greater value for money.

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